Navhetec patented a technology to isolate nanostructures that protect and concentrate biofunctional compounds to be used as supplements to promote healthy habits.

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With the increase of life expectancy and the consequent onset of age-related pathologies, the search for well-being with innovative, easy to use and accessible solutions is continuous. The seek for benefits without the need for changes in personal habits is currently key in a fast-paced society. Food supplements are commonly used as a way to implement the recommended substances, however, they often fail to live up to expectations.


The supplements currently available are usually based on artificially assembled compounds which imply variolous limitations:

– high degradation rate (instability of the molecules)

– low assimilation (high dosage required, cost increase)

Furthermore, their beneficial protective activity derives from the combination of the single effects, rather than the effects of a single active ingredient.


The research activity at Navhetec found that the solution is provided by nature. We analyzed different species of citrus and developed a technology to isolate lipoproteic nanostructures that protect and concentrate biofunctional compounds with health-promoting properties.

Several scientific reports have shown that these nanostructures combine more biofunctional compounds deliverable at once, making them more stable, healthier and easier to absorb.

In 2020 we produced citraVes, our first prototype for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and we are currently studying other plant-derived nanostructures for future applications.



citraVes, the first Navhetec product.

How can we protect our body from cell damage?

Health benefits

citraVes reduces LDL cholesterol by 18% and the waistline by 3%. Cell test demonstrates that it has protective effects against pro-inflammatory and oxidant agents, reducing IL6 levels by 40%, IL1β by 35% and reactive oxygen species (ROS) by 16%.


Skin regeneration

citraVes increases the expression and maintenance of Collagen1A1, a key factor involved in bone and skin regeneration, as demonstrated by studies on mesenchymal stem cells.

Format and applications

citraVes can be available in different formats, liquid or spray-dried. It can be applied and distributed on an industrial scale as food supplements, functional food, beverages and cosmetics.


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