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Navhetec wins the Best Pitch Award at the Borsa della Ricerca In.Sicily

Fondazione Emblema, in collaboration with the Sicilian Region’s Department of Productive Activities, is promoting an Expression of Interest for Sicilian academic spin-offs and innovative start-ups to participate in the First Edition of the In.Sicily Borsa della RIcerca 16-17 June in Alcamo (Tp).In.Sicily is a unique innovation-matching event with a regional focus but with the active […]

Navhetec is the local organizer of the COST-Action workshop:  “RNA- and EV-based technologies: from research findings towards biocontrol, therapeutical and vaccinal applications”

From October 2021, Navhetec joins the COST community (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) for the action: – RNA communication across kingdoms: new mechanisms and strategies in pathogen control (exRNA-PATH)- The community is eager to explore the role of Extracellular RNA (exRNA) in cross-kingdom communication. In October 2022 Navhetec organized in Palermo a Workshop […]

Navhetec wins 2° place at the EIT Food Innovation Prizes

Navhetec won second place at the Italian final of the EIT Food Innovation Prizes, winning a €3.000 prize and further validation of their product. The startup operates in the Nutraceutical sector and, starting from the Sicilian lemon juice, proposes a technological innovation for the enhancement of food supplements.

Navhetec, among the InnoStars Awards semi-finalists 2021

Navhetec (Italy) offers an innovative solution by developing a new way to isolate and concentrate plant bio-functional compounds with healthy properties. Their products are purified plant vesicles, small lipoprotein structures existing in plant juice that “naturally” collect and concentrate several bio-functional elements.