Navhetec is an Italian startup and spinoff of the University of Palermo,
the successful result of the alliance between academia and industry.


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A history of cutting-edge research

The first steps towards the discovery of the potential of the plant nanostructures date back to 2016 at the department of “Biomedicine, Neuroscience and Advanced Diagnostics” of the University of Palermo (Sicily, Italy). After extensive research in the field of biomedicine, the team of Navhetec scientists was working on citrus juice and identified small particles displaying peculiar structural properties and able to provide health benefits in vitro. This discovery made the team a pioneer in the study of nanoparticles from plants.

After receiving numerous national and international recognitions and awards for the innovative research and the results obtained, in 2016 Navhetec started working on market access identifying the industrial partner Agrumaria Corleone and redefining the business structure with the aim of transforming the idea into products accessible to all.

The perfect partner for this venture

Agrumaria Corleone was founded in the late nineteenth century by Salvatore Corleone, the great-grandfather of the current shareholders considered a true pioneer of processing citrus fruits in Sicily. Since then, four generations have followed each other in the management of the company.

Today Agrumaria Corleone is a leader in the production of juice and essence, with the aim to enhance the quality of Sicilian citrus fruits all over the world. The company has modern and innovative equipment, and constantly invests in research and development. This is why such a well-established company accepted with enthusiasm to take part in this new venture.

Our Team

Stefania Raimondo

PhD and Co-Founder

R&D, Communication

She is a Professor of Biology and Genetics and Innovation Fellow Researcher at the University of Palermo.

Riccardo Alessandro

PhD and Co-Founder

Scientific Director

He is full Professor of Biology and Genetics at University of Palermo.

Alice Conigliaro

PhD and Co-Founder

R&D, Communication

She is a Professor of Biology and Genetics at the University of Palermo.

Maria Angela Santoro

CEO and Co-Founder

Business management

She has a long time of experience in business management.

Agrumaria Corleone

Industrial Co-Founder

Production Site

Since 1890, it has been producing juices and essences for industry, enhancing the quality of Sicilian citrus fruits around the world.

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